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Concrete is a versatile material and this has led to its recent appearance in numerous non-traditional formats such as furniture. In line with this, recent improvements in setting and molding techniques have resulted in concrete furniture that boasts a sophisticated design sure to add interest to any space.

Although concrete furniture is durable, which means that it can be placed indoors or outdoors, the special concrete mix used for our concrete furniture ensures that the items are light enough to be moved around with ease.

Each concrete furniture item is available in different colours and finishes, so that no matter what your colour scheme, and preference, the concrete furniture item that you select is sure to fit in with the current look of your home or business space. What is more, every piece of our hand-crafted concrete furniture is individual so that you can be sure that the items you select are completely unique.

Concrete Interior Design

We manufacture worktops, kitchen and bathroom sinks, bathtubs and countertops, signage, steps and photo concrete as well as other bespoke elements and products made of glass reinforced concrete (GFRC) so that you can fit out your home, or business space with whatever concrete item that you can think of.

The ever improving concrete technology that we use to create our furniture and concrete items means that concrete has an almost unlimited scope in interior and exterior design. What is more, our concrete products can be made in a range of different colours and finishes and can even be combined with glass, metal and wood, so that each of our concrete items boasts an exclusive and unique finish which is sure to improve the look of your space.

Our designer range of hand-crafted concrete items that include tables, stools and wall art are sure to be loved by you and your guests. Thanks to above-average plasticity, our concrete can be moulded to any shape and form, which allows for unlimited design possibilities. What is more, as interior design and concrete mixes are evolving rapidly we think that concrete will soon be sure to make an appearance inside every contemporary home.

Industrial Chic Furniture

Industrial chic furniture is in high demand, and what better material is there than concrete for making, and designing such furniture? Although, concrete is thought of by many as an industrial material that is limited to large scale construction projects, with recent improvements in concrete technology, and design, chic concrete furniture is now a reality.

We manufacture a range of concrete items made of glass reinforced concrete (GFRC). This material is versatile and screams ‘industrial chic’ so that you can fit out your home with unique concrete items such as concrete stools, tables and chairs that will be sure to add an arty element to your home, and make your space look super contemporary.

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