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Innovations in Concrete

Concrete is a highly versatile material. Improvements in concrete technology and innovations in setting and moulding techniques have led to the emergence of sophisticated and contemporary concrete items. Polished concrete floor tiles and panels, concrete worktops or countertops and concrete sinks are now readily available.

Concrete furniture and concrete lighting and lamps are creating a stir and finding popularity not only within the home, but with interior designers and in hospitality and retail spaces.  We provide a range of lamps and lighting, all hand crafted and designed to work in any environment.

The ever improving technology that we use to create our concrete items and furniture means that concrete has an almost unlimited scope in interior and exterior design.

What’s more, our concrete products can be made in a range of different colours and finishes and can even be combined with glass, metal and wood.  And because of the above-average plasticity of our concrete, we can mould it to any shape or form, which allows for unlimited design possibilities.

The extra bonus is that all our items are hand crafted, so each one boasts an exclusive and unique finish which is sure to improve the look of any space.

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Concrete Furniture

Concrete furniture is fast becoming the hottest trend in both indoor and outdoor furniture.  Being both stylish and modern, not only is it finding popularity with interior designers, concrete furniture is increasing used in the hospitality and retail industries.

The industrial-chic look that polished concrete delivers is fast becoming the best way to make a statement in a variety of settings.

Concrete furniture is extremely durable and it can be placed indoors or outdoors. But it’s not heavy.  The special concrete mix used for our concrete furniture ensures that the items are light enough to be moved around with ease.

Each item is available in different colours and finishes, so no matter what your colour scheme or preference, the concrete furniture item that you select is sure to fit in with the current look of your home or business space.

What’s more, every piece of our hand-crafted concrete furniture is individual so that you can be sure that the items you select are completely unique.

The industrial chic look for furniture is in high demand, and what better material is there than concrete for creating this type of furniture?

You might think of concrete as an industrial material which is limited to large scale construction projects, but recent improvements in concrete technology and design mean that polished, decorative and chic concrete furniture is now a reality.

Interior Design

The range of concrete products available now is surprising. Whether you are looking for concrete worktops or concrete countertops, we can help you.  If you need kitchen or bathroom sinks or even bathtubs, we can help you.

And if you are looking for concrete signage, polished concrete steps or polished concrete tiles to make a statement either indoors or outside, we can do that too.

We manufacture photo concrete as well as other bespoke elements and products made of glass reinforced concrete (GFRC) so you can fit out your home, or business space with whatever concrete item that you can think of.

Our polished concrete and decorative concrete furniture, tiles, panels and countertops have been used extensively in restaurants, hotels, offices and leisure spaces.  Using polished concrete creates a high quality and contemporary look.

If you need to create an industrial-chic look then we have a variety of polished and decorative concrete products to help you do this.   If you need to make a statement in a retail unit or hospitality space, concrete panels and countertops are the prefect solution.

If you’re an interior designer looking for that wow factor, polished concrete lamps, tables or sinks can give you that. If you need to renovate an outdoor space, concrete tiles and concrete furniture can transform your space into something amazing.

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