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Concrete Elegance

About Living Concrete

At Living Concrete we believe that this amazing ‘liquid stone’ offers limitless possibilities for modern construction, architecture, interior design, industrial design and concrete furniture design.

Many architects and designers share this view. Increasingly they are incorporating concrete into their creations, attracted by the material’s austere and cool appearance, as well as its versatility.

By using the best of modern technology, we have created a range of unique products and concrete furniture, that demonstrate how concrete can be both beautiful and functional.

From hand-crafted lights and wall and floor panels to worktops, sinks, bespoke furniture and more, we are dedicated to delivering exclusive, individually crafted products of the highest quality.

Our concrete is systematically tested in specialised laboratories to ensure optimum standards and guarantee of strength.

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New Arrivals

  • This contemporary, hand-cast concrete shade with cool steel elements and a sleek braided cable is a must have for anyone looking to bring a touch of industrial calm into their…
  • This hand-cast concrete sphere shaped shade with steel elements and an interesting braided cable brings honest, raw materials together to create a lamp of true beauty that would look brilliant…
  • The INDUSTRIOLA shade is made from hand-cast concrete, and is finished off with stylish steel elements and a simple braided cable. The shade itself typically comes in a natural finish,…
  • The KALLA QUADRO is a unique hand-cast concrete shade that challenges the preconceived notion that concrete can only be used for industrial usages as this light fixture is modern and…
  • Project: Installation of concrete wall panels and reception desk Client: K2 SPACE Materials used:  GRFC decorative concrete wall panels in Plain Rough Typhoon and Grey Microconcrete Timescales: 4 weeks manufacture of…