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Concrete Elegance

About Living Concrete

At Living Concrete we believe that this amazing ‘liquid stone’ offers limitless possibilities for modern construction, architecture, interior design and industrial design.

Many architects and designers share this view. Increasingly they are incorporating concrete into their creations, attracted by the material’s austere and cool appearance, as well as its versatility.

By using the best of modern technology, we have created a range of unique products and concrete furniture, that demonstrate how concrete can be both beautiful and functional.

From hand-crafted lights and wall and floor panels to worktops, sinks, bespoke furniture and more, we are dedicated to delivering exclusive, individually crafted products of the highest quality.

Our concrete is systematically tested in specialised laboratories to ensure optimum standards and guarantee of strength.

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New Arrivals

  • This concrete commode has a modern, simple and sleek design, and as a result would look fantastic in any contemporary home, or work space. Unusually, and perhaps surprisingly, the commode itself has…
  • If you are looking for a striking piece of wall art for your home, office or restaurant, then look no further than this 3D concrete world map. The striking piece…
  • In the past, concrete was used only as a construction material, however, thanks to new technology, and designers thinking outside the box, concrete, for example in the form of art,…
  • Concrete Wall Light. This angular hand-cast concrete wall lamp has been designed with the industrial sleek look in mind. The inclusion of teak elements in the lamp/ shade helps to…
  • Resifan coating is a self-levelling and continuous coloured resin 2-3 mm thick.  RESIFAN is ideal for environments where continuity, a smooth finish and low maintenance are essential. Due to its application, continuous floors…