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Sinks and Shower Trays for Kitchens and Bathrooms

The range of concrete sinks, washbasins and shower trays on offer from Living Concrete are simply stunning. Each one is unique and as concrete can be cast and moulded, sinks and washbasins can be shaped to fit in perfectly with your kitchen or bathroom.

Whether you are looking for a traditional and robust washbasin that is angular and has a single deep central drainage point, or if you are looking for an elegant circular washbasin that comes with a side vanity area and sleek facade, Living Concrete can meet your needs and deliver what you are looking for.

Trade Enquiries

  • This concrete shower tray has a modern, simple and sleek design and as a result would look fantastic in any contemporary home bathroom.  The shower tray has been made from…
  • A great benefit of the concrete washbasin is that it's strong and durable; therefore tan be placed indoors, or outdoors. What is more, thanks to their durability, they are sure…