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Polished Concrete Worktops

Choose Polished Concrete Worktops by Living Concrete 

Our beautiful concrete worktops and concrete counter tops are made to measure to fit any kitchen, bar, reception or restaurant.

Our concrete worktops can be tailored to your layout with under mount sinks or concrete sinks build as one cast part of a worktop, Drainers and cut-outs for built-in appliances can be added too.

We recommend a minimum 40mm thickness for worktops with at least 90mm around a space for a hob or sink, which we will always reinforce with steel.

The process to have polished Concrete Worktop manufactured starts with sending us a sketch or drawings, marking out any cut-outs, required finish or color of your new concrete worktop.

Based on your drawing we will produce an estimate and send you the samples of our polished concrete for your approval.

Once we have your approval, manufacture process will commence starting with producing a mould. We always need 6-8 weeks before your concrete worktop is ready for installation.

Process takes so long due to a lengthy curing process of our concrete worktop until it achieves its full strength and it is ready for release from the mould.

It is then sealed and covered with special anti-stain coating.

All our concrete worktops, concrete tiles, sinks and other products are manufactured using only lab tested, best quality glass reinforced hydrophobic concrete mix.

Especially formulated to achieve best stain resilience properties and at the same time superior appearance.

If you love the industrial beauty of concrete, choose Living Concrete.

For a raw, industrial look, choose sturdy slabs of 60mm-thick concrete, either natural- grey for a sophisticated, urban look or tinted with pigments. Our concrete is made off-site as only then we can achieve full strength properties and best finish.

Our polished concrete is a hard-wearing and versatile that can be cast into shapes and slabs, or poured, smoothed and polished, making it suitable for worktops, outdoor and indoor furniture and even kitchen cabinetry.

For samples or to see our beautiful polished concrete please visit our London Showroom at 12a Sutton Lane North W4 4LD

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