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The FEBE is a unique, hand-cast concrete pendant lamp that is finished off with sleek steel elements. The shade itself, despite being made from concrete, is hung from a simple braided cable. The FEBE is available in a range of sizes and colours so that individuals can tailor the shades design to ensure that it fits in with the current colour scheme and design of their home, or office space. Hand-cast concrete shade with steel elements and braided cable.

Available in three sizes:
X Small: diameter 11cm, height 16cm, weight 1kg
Small: diameter 15cm, height 23cm, weight 1.2kg
Medium: diameter 20.5cm, height 30cm, weight 2.5kg

Available colours/finishes
Basic finish: natural, grey, anthracite, black, chocolate
Decorative finish: olive grey, rusty grey, salt and pepper

Due to the nature of the product, the lead time from order to delivery is 4-6 weeks

Voltage: 220-240V, 50-60Hz
Bulb type: E27 10W, energy class A++, A+ or A

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The FEBE is a concrete pendant lamp that is beautifully simple in its design, and yet is an interesting item that would add a touch of modernist industrial class to any space in which the shade is placed.  It seems impossible that the FEBE’s curved shape, and delicate design have been achieved using concrete, and yet that is exactly what the designers behind this unique lighting fixture have done. As a result, the FEBE shade can help dispel the myth that concrete cannot be beautiful, and instead helps to show that as long as concrete is handled by the right people, it can be used to create items of real beauty, such as the FEBE shade.

As hand cast concrete is a material that can vary in the way that it sets, for example with regards to how it forms pits and veins, each FEBE light shade is slightly different from the next, and that only adds to the shades interest, and unique draw. The FEBE shade is an item that should not be missed.


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