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Outdoor Concrete Kitchen – Designer Charlotte Crosland

Project: Concrete Outdoor Kitchen in Great Missenden

Client: Charlotte Crosland Interior Design

Materials used: Hand cast GRFC concrete in Silk Mist Finish with satin stain protective coating , stainless steel drawers, copper sink fittings

Timescales: 8 weeks from design approval to bespoke mould casting and hand assembly on site.

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At Living Concrete we are experts at manufacturing a variety of concrete furniture pieces and every item is hand-crafted.

Each component was made to our client’s individual and unique specifications and assembled onsite inside a purpose build oak pavilion.

We use a unique concrete mix technology with hydrophobic agent to limit moisture absorption and our concrete has been specially treated and sealed to make it stain proof and damage proof.

Concrete furniture is extremely durable and it can be placed indoors or outdoors. But it’s not heavy. Our special ECO concrete mix we use for our furniture ensures that the items are light enough to be moved around with ease.

By using the best of modern technology, we have created a timeless and unique functional space, that demonstrates how concrete can be both beautiful and functional.

Outdoor Concrete Kitchen - Designer Charlotte Crosland

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