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OXICRETE is an acid system used to patinate and oxidize cement surfaces, mortars or concrete dams.

Applied on cement surfaces it gives it a rusty iron or stone look, so it is ideal for transforming old concrete surfaces. It is a very good alternative to Corten steel, with the advantage of being cheaper.

It is applicable to MicroCement, MicroConcrete, ThinCrete and Smoothed Concrete.

Get a vintage look and give your rooms an original touch!



Oxicrete Applications

  • It is a product that stains cement or concrete but is not paint
  • Oxicrete coating is applicable in all shapes
  • It is for commercial and residential use, both indoors and outdoors
  • It is applicable on floors and vertical surfaces in general (we recommend the application on vertical surfaces due to the wear the product can suffer on floors)
  • Its use is ideal for renovating rooms and old surfaces
  • It gives a very original appearance

Advantages and Possibilities

  • Applied on cement surfaces it gives a rusty iron or stone appearance
  • A vintage or old look
  • Ideal for transforming old cement surfaces
  • Applicable to MicroCement, MicroConcrete, ThinCrete and Smoothed Concrete
  • Good alternative to Corten steel (it is also more economical than steel)
  • Several different tones (Rust, Brown, Yellow, Green, Brick Red, Black)
  • Does not change over time

Colour Range

Living Concrete’s Oxicrete surfaces are each as individual as our customers. To ensure you find what you need, we have developed a range of colours to complement almost any job you’re working on.

Give our team a call if this is the case and we’ll work with you to create the perfect colour to suit your designs.

  • Clean with clean water and mild soap
  • Remove grit from the surface
  • Use lacquered floor maintainers
  • Do not clean with hard elements or those that may scratch the surface
  • If the protection deteriorates contact Living concrete or specialists in concrete floor lacquering
  • Do not use pure bleach
  • Do not leave standing water
  • Mop daily
  • Use mats for indoor/outdoor access
  • Put protection on chairs and furniture
  • Do not drag furniture or chairs on the product
  • The use of silicone chairs with wheels is recommended. (If using a chairs with plastic wheels, it is imperative to keep them clean)


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