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Febe Volcano

This contemporary, hand-cast concrete shade with cool steel elements and a sleek braided cable is a must have for anyone looking to bring a touch of industrial calm into their living space. When blended together, the smooth, hand cast concrete and steel elements work to create an interesting, and unusual shaped shade. What is more, the combination of different materials from the steel elements and braided cable, make this shade modern, fresh, and unique. Furthermore, thanks to the unique combination of materials, and the handmade quality of this shade, it is an item that is sure to bring a different element of texture, and design to a space.

Size XS. Diameter 11cm, height 16cm, weight 1kg

Available colours/finishes
Basic finish: natural, grey, anthracite, black, chocolate
Decorative finish: olive grey, rusty grey, salt and pepper

Due to the nature of the product, the lead time from order to delivery is 4-6 weeks

Voltage: 220-240V, 50-60Hz
Bulb type: E27 10W, energy class A++, A+ or A

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The Volcano Concrete Lamp is minimalist in its design, screaming with ‘industrial sleekness’ but still, this piece of concrete furniture is extremely functional as it allows for a range of bulbs to be fitted. The functionality of this piece ensures that the lamp is able to illuminate a space perfectly; making it a great addition to any room where light is needed such as a kitchen, study or bedroom. Another great feature of this unique light fitting is that the lamp can be hung anywhere the owner chooses, ensuring that no design need be altered as a result of choosing this timeless, and handmade lighting fixture.

The concrete lamp has been hand cast by a skilled craftsman, and as a result, each and every one is unique, with slight variations in terms of the lamps patina, and make up. This not only provides the owner with a unique product, but also adds a touch of artistic class to any room within a property in which the lamp is placed.

Thanks to its unique, artsy, and contemporary look of this concrete Volcano Lamp, it a piece that is sure to enhance any room, or property in which it is placed. A truly great purchase for any home, or business owner.

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Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 11 x 16 cm

Febe Volcano

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