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17 concrete pendant lamps compilation

17 Concrete Pendant Lights to Fall in Love With

Urban chic is a design trend that is all about displaying the materials and structures that are usually concealed.

The concrete design trend is growing in popularity and with that growth there are more and more stylish and functional pieces coming onto the market. This post celebrates 17 of the most beautiful concrete pendant lights which can be incorporated into any home to enhance other features and add a touch of industrial elegance.


1. Concrete Pendant Light | French Connection

This Concrete Pendant light from French Connection is striking in its simplicity. With a stunningly smooth patina and an elegant shape, the light would be an excellent addition to any home or work space in need of a touch of industrial class.


2. IRA Pendant Lamp | Made

The IRA pendant lamp by Made is designed from natural concrete and just screams urban elegance. This lamp is sleek, simple and contemporary. The lamp would accentuate any urban setting bringing that space right up to date. The IRA pendant lamp is finished with a sleek ceiling rose and contrasting chrome spokes which hold the shade in space, and so this lamp is as functional as it is stylish.


3. Concrete Pendant Light | Gant & Mania

This striking Gant and Mania concrete pendant lamp offers a stylish lighting option and would brighten up any home. The cube light combines noble gold and raw concrete to create a lighting piece that is as functional as it is contemporary. The light produced is warming and homely, ideal for placing in a living space, or dining area.


4. Marco Pendant Lamp | Made

The Marco Pendant lamp was designed by MADE studio and it is both unique and uber stylish. With a smooth concrete shape, and contrasting chrome elements, the pendant lamp is striking. This item is an ideal concrete lamp for home owners looking to add industrial style to their living space.


5. Concrete Pendant Light | Renate Vos

The combination of concrete and silicone rubber in this lamp that was designed by Renate Vos is unusual and striking. The contrasting materials come together to create a single lighting fixture that is uniquely stunning. Although the lamp is very industrial in its design, the light emitted is warm and golden. A great addition to a home or work space.


6. Bristol Pendant Light | Heal’s

This Bristol Pendant Light from Heal’s is simple and clean. The large decorative bulb with the small concrete decoration would make this concrete pendant lamp the ideal industrial addition to a small space. The pendant lamp was created to make a feature of the bulb, and it does not fail to do so. The cylindrical concrete mount was designed so that any Edison bulb can be easily screwed into place.


7. Abode Concrete Pendant Light | Alexander & Pearl

The Abode Concrete Lamp by Alexander & Pearl is sleek and simple in its design. The white concrete is elegant and sleek, and the single cable holding the pendant lamp in place only adds to the elegance. This Abode lamp is sure to bring an industrial edge to any space.


8. Catherina30 | Carsten (Etsy Store)

The Catherina30 Concrete Pendant light by Etsy store owner ckleosteen is made to order for every customer which ensures that the lamp is completely unique. With a natural satin finish this lamp is stunning and sleek. The Catherina30 is made from LEOSTEEN which is as strong as concrete, but ⅓ of the weight.


9. Aplomb Concrete Pendants | Foscarini

These stunning Foscarini Aplomb concrete pendants were designed by Studio Lucidi and Pevere. According to the designers the pendant lights are called ‘Aplomb’ because firstly Aplomb means confident, and secondly because the lights are reminiscent of the plumb-line tool used by masons. As concrete is becoming increasingly popular in interior design, these lights could make for a very cool and contemporary addition to the home.


10. Concrete & Bamboo Pendant Light | Bentu Design

These interesting concrete pendant lights with bamboo detailing were designed by Bentu Design. The combination of industrial raw concrete and natural wood is striking with the cool concrete cleverly offset by the warm wood. The pendant lights would be ideal features in any kitchen to brighten up a breakfast bar, but would look great in any living space.


11. Timber Circular Concrete Pendant Light | By Living

This really interesting timber and concrete circular pendant light was designed by ‘By Living’. The light is very contemporary, with concentric concrete and wood rounds that create a lighting fixture that is unique. The central light bulb takes center place which simplifies the overall design, and ensures that the light is as functional as it is stylish.


Lotna concrete lamp in antharcite12. Lotna Antharcite | Living Concrete

The Lotna is a beautiful hand-cast concrete lamp shade that has been cleverly designed to have a unique hollow bowl like shape, and steel elements that resonate with industrial sleekness. The use of specially formulated concrete has ensured that the shade is light enough to be hung from a simple braided cable.



13. Colourful Pendant Lamp | CoolorLights (Etsy Store)

This striking concrete pendant lamp is handmade and so each one is completely unique. The bright cord is fabric covered and offsets the cool concrete perfectly. A truly amazing lighting fixture that would brighten up any space.


14. [B4]dark | Gant Lighting

The B4 dark concrete pendant lamp by Gant Lighting is industrial and uber modern, but thanks to the shape, style and combination of materials it is also just a little bit bling. The rectangle shape of the pendant light makes it the ideal choice for lighting a kitchen work surface, or two could be hung side by side to perfectly highlight a dining table. The pendant light is minimalistic and seriously cool.


15. Dome Timber Concrete Pendant Light | By Living

This dome timber concrete pendant lamp (By Living) has an interesting shape, and unusual style. The concrete lamp is finished with timber details, and the combination of the two contrasting materials is striking. The light bulb is the central feature of this shade and has not been blocked by any shade part. This means that the light emitted is clean and crisp.


16. Concrete Chandelier – 3 Drop | Milan Direct

This concrete pendant light chandelier by Milan Direct is a striking light fixture that would be the ideal industrial lighting solution in any home. The classic shape of the pendants is sure to stand the test of time. With chrome finishings, and coloured cables, this interesting concrete light chandelier is sure to become the focal feature of the home.


17. Portland Concrete Ceiling Pendants | Innermost

This series of Ceiling pendants designed by Innermost have been made by combining two very industrial materials; concrete and white plaster. The pendant lights are pentagonal in shape and designed to work well if clustered with other similar lights.



As industrial interior design is becoming increasingly popular there has never been a better time to find concrete fixtures and fittings to add an industrial edge to your home. There are many different concrete lighting options available on the market, but the 17 concrete pendant lights highlighted here are some of the very best.


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