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The Chandelier – Back to Basics with a Concrete Twist

The chandelier gets a make-over! Crystal and glass makes way for concrete and steel.  If you want to create a raw, industrial-chic look but still want to make a statement with lighting, the concrete chandelier has arrived.

Innovations in technology and improvements in moulding techniques have led to the emergence of a variety of concrete products.  And with above-average plasticity, modern concrete can be moulded to any shape and form, allowing for unlimited design possibilities – including a chandelier! Concrete is an amazing material. At Living Concrete, we are always pushing the boundaries and exploring innovative and new ways of using this liquid stone.  The original chandelier was simply two wood beams forming a cross with a spike at each end to hold a candle. When designing our chandelier, we have reverted to this tradition and created a light of elegant simplicity with widespread appeal.

Each chandelier made by Living Concrete is individually hand cast and comes in a variety of colours and finishes. Because of this, every piece is different, making each piece unique.  It’s also magnificently durable and will stand the test of time. Unlike the crystal or glass chandelier there’s no danger of a lost or broken piece.

So how can something so solid and heavy be used to create such a seemingly delicate chandelier of all things?   Well, it’s all about the formula we use.  Innovations in the way concrete can be formulated means that something traditionally heavy can be crafted into something surprisingly light. We have utilized this formula and created a collection of over 34 lamps.  We have a variety of different shapes and sizes but they all have one thing in common; each has the distinctive look of concrete but without the usual weigh usually associated with it!

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