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Countertops, Sinks and Shower Trays

Living Concrete offers a range of custom-made kitchen and bathroom items such as countertops, sinks, basins and shower trays.  Concrete may not be one of the first materials that comes to mind when designing a new kitchen countertop or sink or when choosing a basin for your new bathroom. But it’s fast becoming the on-trend material for contemporary kitchens and bathrooms. It’s enhanced durability, style and affordability, in comparison to alternative materials such as granite, marble or wood, make this modern material a popular choice. Even better, concrete is a sustainable material with low environmental impact.

Our concrete countertops, worktops, sinks, basins and shower trays are hand made to meet your specific needs with colours and finishes to fit in with any design scheme.

As concrete is a strong and durable material, it will ensure that your wash area will be withstand the hustle and bustle of busy family life. You’ll no longer have to worry about scratching or staining your sink area, because the material used by Living Concrete is specially treated and sealed to limit damage and extend lifespan.

We also supply concrete countertops, worktops and sinks to retail outlets, hospitality venues, offices and leisure spaces.  We work with leading trade customers and designers and supply the best quality product at competitive prices.

The range of concrete sinks, washbasins and shower trays on offer from Living Concrete are simply stunning. Each one is unique and as concrete can be cast and moulded, sinks and washbasins can be shaped to fit in perfectly with your kitchen or bathroom.

So whether you are looking for a traditional and robust washbasin that is angular and has a single deep central drainage point, or an elegant circular basin that comes with a side vanity area and sleek facade, Living Concrete can meet your needs.

For more information about existing products, or to discuss your own design ideas, please email us at or give us a call on 020 3092 3020.

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