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2D Concrete World Map

Although concrete is often thought of as a heavy duty, large scale construction material, it can also be used to create 2D wall art such as this stunning and contemporary world map. Each map is slightly different as concrete varies in how it dries, and marbles. This ensures that every owner of this amazing concrete world map will own something that is unique. An additional feature is that the map can be produced in two different colour combinations, dependent on preference.

Materials used: Glass reinforced concrete
Technology used: GFRC
Size: Height 50cm, width 100cm

Delivery time: 6-8 weeks
Map can be produced in a different combinations of two colours. Ask for details.
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The world map itself is large, and detailed. As a result, it would make for a striking addition to any home, or office space. It could also make for a great focal feature in a restaurant, or conference center. The map is unusual as it has been made from concrete, and also depicts every country in the world, as a result, the map is sure to start conversations either about its unique make up, its striking beauty, or about the countries that it depicts.

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Additional information

Dimensions 100 x 50 cm

2D Concrete World Map

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