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3D Concrete World Map

If you are looking for a striking piece of wall art for your home, office or restaurant, then look no further than this 3D concrete world map. The striking piece of wall art has been made from glass reinforced concrete and is amazing- really helping to show that concrete does not have to be stuck in the industrial, or construction world, but rather it can be used to create spectacular works of art. The 3D concrete world map labels every country in the world, making it the ideal addition to any traveller’s home.

Materials used:
glass reinforced concrete

Technology used: GFRC

Available in standard dimensions.
Size M: 120cm x 60cm
Size L: 240cm x 120cm
Map can be manufactured in different colours and with varying intensity of the tint

Delivery time:
6-8 weeks
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The 3D concrete world map has been made using GFRC and so it is not as heavy as it may look, and so can be hung on almost any wall. The map itself comes in two different sizes, dependant on the buyers requests. What is more, the map can be made with varying colours and tints, so that the map can be adjusted to fit in with just what an individual envisions.

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3D Concrete World Map

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