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Project: Cast GRC concrete bespoke floating steps and concrete tiles for private residence in Cobham

Client: Private owner 

Materials used: GRC concrete with hydrophobic agent and stain proof finish

Timescales: 12 weeks

Challenges:  Short timescale on weather-sensitive site. Pre-cast and onsite casting elements. Large exterior multi-level installation.

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The Living Concrete team were commissioned to design and create 180 square metres of large format exterior concrete tiles to surround the pool area, patio and paths of an exclusive private residence in Cobham.

Working closely with the client, we drew up plans which also involved a cascade of floating steps to create seamless access on what was quite a difficult tiered site. Having assessed all the practical and logistical issues, we worked out a tight schedule of measuring, landscaping, pre-cast and on-site casting and, finally, staged installation of all the elements

As well as laying the pool area and surrounds, we undertook on-site casting of fair-faced concrete garden walls in our Storm-coloured plain Rough finish.

This project had many challenges in its design and execution and covered a large external area on different levels incorporating very heavy concrete elements – creating this stunning feature.

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