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Resifan coating is a self-levelling and continuous coloured resin which is 2-3 mm thick.  It is ideal for environments where continuity, a smooth finish and low maintenance are essential.

It’s method of  application means continuous floors can be achieved in large dimensions and are highly resistant to wear. Resifan can be applied in homes as well as industrial spaces and shops and can be applied over existing finishes.

Unlike other coatings, such as MicroCement or MicroConcrete, Resifan does not streak and therefore it’s an ideal product for those who want a full or solid colour finish, achieving a sophisticated, minimalist effect. You can work with strong or soft colours and its appearance is similar to that of a polished vinyl floor.

Resifan does not require gaskets and can be applied on all types of hard surfaces – even existing ones – meaning less disruption on site.



Resifan Applications

• The polyurethane floors are ideal for the food industry (Due to the coating’s resistance to chemical products).
• The epoxy floors are very good for light and medium traffic industries (Where hard floors that withstand applications in that context are required).
• Polyester floors are very good for making highly resistant decorative flooring, where color stability is paramount.
• Resifan polyurethane paint is perfect for both walls and floors of garage areas or parking lots.
• Ideal for laboratories, clinics, or doctor’s offices (since these are enclosed materials they are ideal for anti-bacterial and hygienic floors).
• It can be applied on work tables as it is scratch-resistant.
• Resifan Epoxy and polyurethane paint, can be applied to floors and walls and to flat and horizontal surfaces in general.


  • Resifan allows for continuous floors of large dimensions
  • It can be applied in homes, industries and shops
  • It can be applied over existing finishes
  • Enables the making of solid and smooth-finish furniture like plastic products
  • Fast application and traffic release
  • Floors are highly resistant to wear 
  • Does not require gaskets
  • Clean and easy and low maintenance pavement
  • Solvent-free (Resifan Polyurethane and Epoxy)
  • Odour-free (Resifan Polyurethane and Epoxy)
  • Has excellent mechanical properties
  • Has excellent adhesion
  • Is resistant to a wide range of chemicals: diluted mineral and organic acids, alkalis and solvents.
  • Very good levelling
  • Great surface hardness
  • You can make colour combinations to create exclusive designs
  • Resifan can be used to make sanitary skirting-boards
  • With the addition of carbon fibres, antistatic flooring for operating rooms can be produced

Colour Range

Living Concrete’s Resifan surfaces are as individual as our customers. To ensure you find what you need, we have developed a range of colours to complement almost any job.

If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for then do keep in mind we can offer the full range of RAL colours on request. Give our team a call and we’ll work with you to create the perfect colour to suit your designs.

  • Dust and dirt must be removed with a vacuum cleaner.
  • Occasionally a more thorough cleaning will be needed: the surface should be cleaned with a damp cloth and a conventional detergent.
  • No dripping rags or mops should be used.
  • Shoe tracks should be removed using a dry cloth.
  • It is recommended to wax periodically to prevent premature wear.
  • To facilitate maintenance it is recommended to seal the Self-Levelling Resifan with Resifan PU Sealer.


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