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Sense Washbasin

The great benefit of a concrete washbasin is its strength and durability. It can be placed indoors or out.

A concrete washbasin will last for many years and be a fantastic investment for any contemporary home or business.

Available sizes:

  • 40x22x10 cm
  • 60x40x10 cm
  • 60x40x21 cm
  • 80x40x10 cm
  • 80x40x21 cm

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Concrete Sinks and Washbasins

The concrete washbasin is very strong and durable, with the benefit that it can be placed indoors, or outdoors.

Designed to last for many years, a concrete sink or basin is a fantastic investment for any contemporary home or business owner.

In fact, concrete’s versatility makes it an ideal material for creating contemporary sculptures and unique design pieces, such as this stunning concrete washbasin.

Sense Washbasin

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