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Cast GRC concrete bespoke floating steps and concrete tiles for private residence in Cobham

It would take 180 square metres of large format exterior concrete tiles to surround the pool area, patio and paths. Using our unique glass fibre reinforced concrete mix, we cast and installed the bespoke concrete floor tiles in Silk Mist.

A set of 27 bespoke floating steps were also cast in large format sizes, and were especially designed to take LED lights. Once installed, these formed a practical pathway from the house to the pool, while being a striking feature in themselves.

As well as laying the pool area and surrounds, we undertook on-site casting of fair-faced concrete garden walls in our Storm-coloured plain Rough finish.

This project had many challenges in its design and execution and covered a large external area on different levels. Extremely heavy concrete elements had to be manhandled by our expert team, and installed in carefully planned stages in what would quickly become a beautiful multi-levelled garden.

With interesting planting adding softer elements and splashes of colour between areas of concrete,  the results are quite stunning, making the cascade approach to the lovely pool and its calm minimalist surroundings most inviting.

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