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Concrete Elegance

Unlimited possibilities

At Living Concrete we’ve discovered that ‘liquid stone’ offers limitless possibilities in contemporary design.

From major industrial construction projects to table-top accessories, concrete is already known as a hugely versatile material. But innovations in concrete technology and moulding techniques have made the creation of far more sophisticated and original concrete items readily achievable.

We work with some of the top architects and interior designers who are increasingly choosing concrete to create stylish and functional spaces with clean lines, durable finishes, simple beauty and unlimited scope for bespoke interior and exterior solutions.

Hospitality and retail space designers have been quick to appreciate the many ways a robust exterior feel can be carried seamlessly inside (or create an interesting juxtaposition), by incorporating concrete wall panels, floor tiles and counters to devise a unique statement look. Concrete interiors can offer smooth, exquisite simplicity, be boldly austere or quietly understated. They can feature rough-cast urban or industrial styling, or be engineered and coloured to create a fun, funky or wildly dramatic atmosphere.


Lamps, lighting and furniture can complete the picture with virtually any design possible, including exciting combinations of concrete with wood, metal or glass.

In the home, concrete is proving a huge favourite for worktops, walls, floors and sinks. More and more interior designers are coming to us in search of ideas for attractive and highly practical concrete kitchen and bathroom layouts to offer their clients. And come rain or shine, the growing popularity of outdoor kitchens make the most of concrete’s weather-proof qualities.

All our products are hand crafted, and the exceptional plasticity of our concrete means that we can mould almost any shape or form. A wide range of colours is also available. Did we mention how beautiful concrete can be? Take a look at our products and projects and just see what’s possible!

Explore our website, phone, or visit our showroom (by appointment). We’d love to share our know-how and inspire you with some of concrete’s amazing possibilities!


  • Project: Cast GRC concrete bespoke floating steps and concrete tiles for private residence in Cobham Client: Private owner  Materials used: GRC concrete with hydrophobic agent and stain proof finish Timescales: 12…
  • Project: Design and manufacture of circular entrance door and internal feature wall. Location:  Old Selfridges Hotel, 1 Orchard Street, London  Client:  Selfridges / Emerald House Associates Materials used:  Bespoke size …
  • Project: Bar countertops and concrete wall panels Client: Ivan Simeoli Location: Brick Lane, London Materials used: GRC concrete in Plain Silk Mist Timescales: 2 weeks Looking for more information on…

New Arrivals

  • This FEBE VOLCANO is a striking hand-cast concrete shade with steel elements and a braided cable.  The shade is available in a range of colours and finishes.  The organic look of…
  • The SPHERE is hand-cast concrete shade with steel elements. The braided cord and steel wire combination allow for a maximum suspension height of 120cm for all sizes. The shade is…
  • The INDUSTRIOLA shade is made from hand-cast concrete finished with stylish steel elements, a simple braided cord and additional weight-bearing steel cable. The INDUSTRIOLA is available in a wide range…