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Living Concrete and Charlotte Crosland Interior Design Create a Family Outdoor Kitchen

A gin and tonic in the evening breeze. A coffee in the morning sun. It’s the little things that make a difference to our daily lives. But in some cases, it takes a big change to make the little things a reality.

For the clients of award-winning interior designer Charlotte Crosland, the big change was the decision to install a concrete outdoor kitchen.

While remaining a room in its own right, the outdoor space is integrated into the living space and flows on from the rest of the house. It has transformed what used to be a rarely used space into a new hub for the family at mealtimes, and a tranquil escape for a quiet cup of coffee in the morning.

Everything from storage to a sink and, of course, an oven has been thought of in this beautiful, but highly practical, outdoor space.

For us at Living Concrete, it was an honour to be invited to work with Charlotte on the outdoor kitchen design, manufacture and installation. Her work is nothing short of perfection, so to test our own production and installation quality, and succeed in meeting her standards was a challenge we were delighted to accept.

The result is a stunning and uniquely usable space. Perhaps Charlotte’s own design approach best sums up this aesthetic: a living space that is always elegant, but never precious or fussy.

See project details: Outdoor Kitchen

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