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MicroCement is a coating that can be applied to any hard surface such as walls, floors and furniture, both indoors and out. This cement and quartz based layer is at most 2mm thick.

The smooth finish makes it ideal for a modern, minimalist design that can be easily combined with materials like wood and ceramic.

One of the great advantages of MicroCement is that it can be applied over existing finishes. It’s a modern, tasteful alternative that entirely cuts out the dirt and disruption of traditional construction.

With just a damp cloth and wax you can achieve a single continuous surface. Using MicroCement means rapid application and easy maintenance.



MicroCement Applications

  • Tiles and existing old cement
  • Plastered walls and ceilings
  • Existing floors where the carpet has been removed
  • Stairwells and steps
  • Plastered walls or rock drywall
  • Repair of in-sight concrete dams
  • Kitchen and bathroom surfaces, and those suffering from moisture damage
  • General furniture


You can apply MicroCement over ceramic, porcelain, marble, mosaic, tile, concrete, mortar, and plaster. Here are just a few of its advantages over traditional materials: 

  • Replaces traditional wood and concrete floors with a thicker surface and better finish
  • Quick and easy to apply, clean and maintain
  • No heavy construction work
  • No joints or gaskets required
  • Sunlight & UV resistant
  • Allows for custom logos and designs
  • Durable in areas of high traffic

Colour Range

Living Concrete’s MicroCement surfaces are each as individual as our customers. To ensure you find what you need, we have developed a range of colours to complement almost any job you’re working on.

If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for then do keep in mind we can offer the full range of RAL colours on request. Give our team a call if this is the case and we’ll work with you to create the perfect colour to suit your designs.

  • Clean with mild soap and mop
  • To clean specific stains do not use abrasive materials
  • Thoroughly clean before sealing or waxing
  • Apply wax periodically (depending on use)
  • Apply wax maintainer weekly
  • Use rubber protection for furniture and chairs
  • Do not drag furniture and chairs without protection
  • Do not leave standing water on the surface
  • For outdoor apply sealant periodically depending on usage
  • Remove wax and apply new wax (annually according to the aspect)
  • Clean up spills before they dry
  • Do not apply wax on bathroom or outdoor floors
  • Use mats at exterior entrances
  • For countertops and furniture use silicone maintainers


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