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50 Best Concrete Interior Design Blogs to Inspire You

Congratulations to the following list of websites that made our Top 50 Award designation.

If you love interior design, you’ll definitely want to check out these inspirational concrete interior design blogs listed below. These are incredible sites that are run by designers, architects and those with an eye for exceptional design. As you know there is no shortage of high quality design blogs on the web. But we decided to find and feature the absolute best.

Whether you are a designer or just looking for some creative ideas, these blogs will give you a truck load of design inspiration, advice and tips!


1 Design Milk

Design Milk is a contemporary design website founded by designer Jaime Derringer. The site provides readers with everything that they could want to know about design, art and architecture. Of note are the numerous posts about concrete which uniquely show how concrete items can be interesting, stunning and awesome all at the same time- just take a look at the concrete cloud toilet roll holder post!

Follow them @designmilk on Twitter

2 Desire to Inspire

Desire to Inspire is a blog site that was created by two interior design junkies who wanted to share the amazing rooms they have designed, and come across. Uniquely the blog owners have never met and live on opposite sides of the world, and as a result the blog is split into two! But, the bond that is shared between the owners is evident, and having two perspectives on design is fascinating.

Follow them @desiretosinspire on Twitter

 3 Concrete Decor

Concrete Decor is the go to website for decorative concrete information, ideas and inspiration. Concrete Decor highlights current trends and products letting professionals and home owners know what is available for their next design projects. The site is a great one to know about for professionals who want to stay up to date with concrete decor, current concrete research and trends.

Follow them @concretedecor on Twitter

 4 Concrete Countertop Institute

Concrete Countertop Institute was started after the founder wanted to remodel his kitchen with concrete countertops but found little information online. The site offers training, tips and the latest trends in countertop installation and design. The site is ideal for professionals as they can build their creativity on the basis of a solid technical foundation.

Like them @concretecountertopinstitute on Facebook

5 Adam Christopher Design

Adam Christopher Design is a contemporary design website bursting at the seams with inspiration and information. Adam, the sites founder is a product designer, contemporary sculpter and concrete craftsman. As a result the site boasts many of Adam’s own creations which are characteristically modern and geometric and would look fantastic in any living space.

Follow him @sculpturaladam on Twitter

6 Ben Pentreath

Ben Pentreath’s blog is charming in its simplicity, and enchanting in its inspiring posts about design, architecture and lifestyle. His chatty and humorous posts are perfect for those wanting to learn more about life in the country, and for those seeking some inspiration and tips for home improvement and design.

Follow him @BenPentreath on Twitter

7 Confessions of a Design Geek

Confessions of a Design Geek is a blog that was established in 2010 by Katie, a design journalist. She aimed to use the blog to inspire new designers, and to discover new design talent. It has been awarded numerous accolades for its quality, inspiration and style and is a must-read for designers looking to start up a successful business thanks to the mass of industry tips and tricks.

Follow them @coadg on Twitter

8 Concrete Design School

Concrete Design School is a site that helps people become master concrete craftsmen. The site was built on the back of the success of workshops that were first started by Gore Design Co. and Hard Goods, showing readers some of the coolest uses of GFRC. Concrete Design School holds regular workshops and showcases their creations as well as awesome DIY advice on their blog.

Follow them @hardgoods on Twitter

9 Love Chic Living

Love Chic Living is a home interiors blog created by Jen, a passionate writer with an insatiable love for design. The blog is like an online mood board of awesome interior design inspiration and is perfect for those wanting to redecorate their home. This website is a contemporary design blog bursting with ideas (with concrete featured regularly) for how to create a cool family home affordably.

Follow her @lovechicliving on Twitter

10 Concrete Hub

Concrete Hub is a visual platform run by a varied team of concrete lovers, showcasing some of the most beautiful concrete masterpieces from around the world. The site is ideal for those looking for inspiration for their concrete designs, or for decorating their home. Each contributory designer has a page dedicated to them and their work.

Follow them @Concrete_Hub on Twitter

11 Onyx Creative

This is a home / lifestyle brand and website selling almost anything that you could ever want to kit out your home, office or wardrobe. The website is easy to navigate and also fun to use thanks to the bright colours and range of items on offer. Concrete products are a highlight of the site with unique and stunning concrete items that range from Hexi fruit bowls to square concrete lampshades.

Follow them @onyx_creative__ on Twitter

12 Brit + Co

Brit Morin is the founder of Brit + Co. This is an amazing website that has a variety of easy to follow tutorials that guide readers through the process of how to make concrete items such as iPad stands and desk lamps. This website inspires us all to get creative so that we can bring concrete items into the home.

Follow them @britandco on Twitter

13 Trueform Concrete

Trueform Concrete has brought a new twist to the world of concrete products; making decorative precast concrete items that are as beautiful as they are functional. As concrete is uniquely customisable the products on offer are almost unlimited in their applications. Check out their portfolio for some industrial chic and rustic urban inspiration.

Follow them @True_Form on Twitter

14 Trend Hunter

TrendHunter is described as the world’s largest and most popular online trend community. The site boasts daily ideas for those looking for design inspiration as well as for those wanting to know about the latest trends and viral topics. Uniquely, the site features the most popular trends on Trend Hunter TV so viewers can learn about things like concrete furniture without having to scroll through pages of content.

Follow them @trendhunter on Twitter

15 Such & Such

Such and Such is a site that pulsates with passion. The creators are all about design and craftsmanship and as a result only offer goods that are of the highest quality. Uniquely, Such and Such tells the story behind every item, and gives readers key information about each designer.

Follow them @SuchandSuchco on Twitter

16 Up Interiors

Up Interiors is a site that boasts all things that have a natural and simple beauty, whether they are objects or spaces. As concrete is a unique and unusual material for designers to use, Up Interiors has featured a number of concrete objects that include lamps, benches and tables. Check out this website if you are looking for design inspiration reflecting nature and culture, with a functional simplicity.

Follow them @UPinteriors on Twitter

17 Society6

Society6 is a distinctive site that provides support to, and a home for thousands of artists from around the world who can upload their work and sell their creations. Society6 empowers independent artists and allows readers to see and buy some awesome items, many of which are made from concrete!

Follow them @socity6 on Twitter

18 My Domaine

My Domaine is a site that provides its readers with chic, everyday lifestyle inspiration and advice, and they do so in bucket loads. With loads of interesting posts about home decor, travel and money- My Domaine is a go to site for those needing some ideas. My Domaine has featured concrete numerous times, boasting that it is a ‘trend alert’ material that can be used to create architectural art.

Follow them @mydomaine on Twitter

19 5 Feet From the Moon

5 feet from the moon is a site that boasts a number of architectural elements. The site is home to designers with wild imaginations that create custom items such as concrete countertops, fireplace surrounds and furniture. A lot of the custom projects are made using exciting combinations of concrete, wood and metal that boast an industrial chic style.

Like them @5feetfromthemoon on Facebook

20 My Scandinavian Home

This blog is written by a London girl living in Sweden who has fallen in love with Swedish homes. The site is all about interior design, and the latest trends. Many of the homes featured are cool, modern and have a cosy rustic feel that is common in Scandinavian design. Readers can get ideas about how to decorate their homes, and how to create a space that not only looks amazing but they can also feel at home in.

Follow her @myscandihome on Twitter

21 By Cocoon

Bycocoon is a site which shows the creator’s passion for craftsmanship, timeless design and natural materials. The site gives readers the opportunity to explore a range of inspirational ideas for decorating their home, or garden. By Cocoon are driven by producing exceptional products to make the world a little better and people happier.

Like them @bycocoondesign on Facebook

22 Trendland

Trendland is a site that boasts all things cool, and now. From the latest art, to the trendiest of interior design ideas, they have it all. Concrete is featured on many of Trendland’s pages thanks to its growing sleek and contemporary reputation. Concrete ice creams are just one example. Trendland is unique in how it ‘writes’ posts as they are usually very short, and instead lots of professional photos do the talking.

Follow them @trendland on Twitter

23 Future & Found

Future and Found is a London based company, and their blog shows readers that there are awesome things from the past as well as the present. The products on offer at Future and Found have either been designed in house, or they have been found at vintage markets from around the world. A unique draw to Future and Found is that every single product is thoughtfully designed, stylish and simple.

Follow them @futureandfound on Twitter

24 IntoConcrete

IntoConcrete is a company and website that is all about showing the world how cool concrete can be. Through the site, artisans can come together to share ideas, and a general passion for pushing the boundaries of concrete design. IntoConcrete’s blog and website is a great platform for artistic minds to come together to bring contemporary concrete products made using unique cutting edge technology.

Follow them @intoconcrete on Twitter

25 Concrete Craft

Concrete Craft is staffed by craftspeople who take pride in ensuring that every flooring job they are given is completed to the highest standard possible. As well as a site full of inspirational concrete flooring ideas, they have a frequently updated blog with tips and tricks for getting the best looking concrete floor possible.

Like them @ConcreteCraftFlooring on Facebook

26 Bodie and Fou

Bodie and Fou is a blog for those looking for design and style inspiration in manageable daily chunks. Bodie and Fou was created by Karine, a French design enthusiast who shares her passion with the world. The blog has been called a ‘little black book of style’ and this is hard to argue with thanks to the range of inspiring, creative and unique interior ideas that are available.

Follow her @BodieandFou on Twitter

27 Chez Larsson

Chez Larson is a blog that is all about crafts and interior design. The site is based on the home and design style of a Stockholm family home, and not only are the ideas awesome, but the blog is gorgeous too! The blog is currently not active however the content is still available, and thankfully so because the blog is full of fabulous design inspiration and lots of DIY tips for budding creatives.

Follow her @benitalarsson on Instagram

28 Dezeen

Dezeen is one of the most influential and popular design and architecture magazines in the world making it almost imperative for creatives and designers to know about it. In addition to having loads of seriously inspirational design ideas, Dezeen’s journalism is also great quality, and one of the first places that industry gossip is published. It really makes for a brilliant read for anyone interested in design.

Follow them @dezeen on Twitter

29 Fabric of my Life

Fabric of my life is literally an online scrapbook that is full of design and interior inspiration. Kate, the blog owner, uses the blog to hoard all of her ideas and thoughts about design and interiors. The posts on Fabric of my life are unique in their casual style and ease to read – for even the most amateur of DIYers. The blog is a must for those needing inspiration from an honest and down to earth Londoner.

Follow her @fabricofmylife on Twitter

30 Abigail Ahern

Abigail Ahern is a blog that is all about cool interiors. The site pushes the boundaries of design so that readers are inspired to create spaces that they love, and a home that they will never want to leave. Abigail created the blog to share the amazing interiors, and items that she came across. The blog is a joy to read making it a great site for those wanting quick tips and inspiration for their next design project.

Follow her @AbigailAhern on Twitter

31 The Beat That My Heart Skipped

The Beat That my Heart Skipped is a design and lifestyle blog created by an East London based trend forecaster for design industries- Rohini Wahi. After launching her blog in 2007, she created a site that is full of design trends, home decorating ideas, and lifestyle tips for anyone interested in updating their home, work space or just keen to keep up with the latest trends.

Follow her @RohiniWahi on Twitter

32 Creative Review

Creative Review is a blog that inspires people to be open to art and make creative changes in the world. The site has posts on a range of interesting topics, making it a great read for anyone keen to keep up with the latest trends, and on track with creative minds. Concrete is a material that features a lot on the site thanks to its growing popularity in the design world.

Follow them @CreativeReview on Twitter

33 Gore Design Co.

Gore Design Co. is a beautiful site with an important reminder that we need to aim for permanence and stop being a society that throws things away. Following this belief, Gore Design Co. creates items for the home that are made using long lasting materials, including their signature material- concrete. By using rustic and industrial materials, every product created is unique with their own personalities.

Follow them @GoreDesignCo on Twitter

34 Endless Concrete Design

Endless Concrete Design is a site specialising in decorative concrete design and resurfacing. The blog is ideal for homeowners, interior designers and builders who are interested in using concrete, which has become one of the most sought after surfaces. The blog and website have been created by concrete experts who are professional and committed to quality, and there are loads of tips, and inspiring case studies for readers.

Follow them @EndlessConcrete on Twitter

35 AB Concrete Design

AB Concrete Design was created by Anita, a Hungarian designer, who fell in love with concrete during her design studies. The site highlights some of the best concrete items that they have come across, and also gives readers tips and inspiration so that they can work through their own concrete design ideas.

Like them @ABConcreteDesign on Facebook

36 Concrete and Beauty Design

Concrete and Beauty Design is a site that offers creative concrete solutions for those wanting to create durable and beautiful surfaces. The site is bursting with inspiration to enhance the aesthetic appeal of any commercial or residential property. These guys are all about quality and creativity, and as such is a great site for those wanting to explore the almost endless design possibilities of concrete in their home.

Like them @ConcreteandBeautyDesign on Facebook

37 Retail Design Blog

Retail Design Blog was created three years ago to help people keep up with the latest retail trends and design solutions. The blog has tonnes of information and inspiration for retail architects and designers, as well as for those wanting to get some design ideas for their home. Retail Design Blog presents interesting concepts, and gives designers the opportunity to share their projects and ideas.

Follow them @RetailDesignBG on Twitter

38 Lowinfo

Lowinfo is site that is all about concrete fashion, and interior design. The site specialises in cool and contemporary concrete products, inspiring those wanting to redecorate their living spaces. The designers behind Lowinfo have years of experience in concrete and boast a seriously creative approach to incorporating concrete in the home. Check them out to learn more about this up and coming material.

Follow them @lowinfo on Twitter

39 Renate Vos

Renate Vos is a product and interior design website that highlights some of Europe’s most unique and beautiful design projects. From kitchen accessories and lampshades to concrete candle holders and seating, Renate Vos really does have it all. It is a site that is ideal for those wanting design inspiration before getting started on their own projects.

Like them @RENATEVOSdesign on Facebook

40 Tim Mackerodt

Tim Mackerodt’s design blog site is clean, simple and packed full of design inspiration. Every project that Tim has been involved with is shown in large images so that every detail can be examined and enjoyed. The studio and blog are all about promoting and creating products that are useful and really well made. Tim’s blog is great site for those seeking the latest trends in European design.

Follow him @timmackerodt on Twitter

41 The Design Sheppard

The Design Sheppard is a fantastic site created by a freelance writer (Stacey) who is passionate about summarising and rounding up the latest in interior design for those who want to stay up to date. The blog has numerous accolades for its inspiring content, and it continues to go from strength to strength with new design inspiration being added every day.

Follow her @StaceyJSheppard on Twitter

42 Eco Concrete Design

Eco Concrete Design is a site created by Jake, a contractor with years of experience working with concrete. He realised concretes impact on the environment and wanted to reduce his construction carbon footprint. He gives readers ideas for how to do just that with his site. The Eco Concrete Design blog is also full of inspiring content for the avid home designer, as well as for construction workers.

Follow them @ecoconcreteguy on Twitter

 43 Fancy

Fancy is a New Zealand design blog that is bursting full of awesome design inspiration from all over the world, but focussed mainly on designs from New Zealand. It is a great site for those wanting to keep up with the latest trends in interior design, furniture and accessories. Fancy also enables design lovers to get in touch and share ideas. A great platform for designers and home owners alike.

Follow them @nzdesignblog on Twitter

44 Home Designing

Home Designing is a site jam packed with design inspiration, to help those wanting to redecorate their homes and create beautiful spaces. Home Designing uniquely offers you the opportunity to create a folder that can be filled with your favourite design ideas and pictures for your inspiration board.

Follow the @homedesigning on Twitter

45 Life of an Architect

Bob Borson, a professional architect, created Life of an Architect to share his wealth of knowledge and experience in the architect profession. Bob’s blog is very open and demonstrates a rare level of transparency, showing the finer details of what it’s actually like to work as an architect as well as with one.

Follow him @bobborson on Twitter

46 Slate

Slate is a web magazine that publishes new content every day, offering commentary on pretty much anything. Slate’s design section features concrete numerous times as it is such an on trend material, and the analysis is witty and informative. Slate is a go to web magazine for design enthusiasts, design professionals, and those looking for an interesting read.

Follow them @slate on Twitter

47 Concretely

Concretely is a blog by architect and self confessed concrete lover Anne-Mette. Having completed a PhD in the future of decorative concrete, the site also boasts predictions for the future of concrete decor. The posts are in-depth, informative, easy to read and cover lots of really interesting tips and current concrete trends.

Follow her @MatAmbass on Twitter

48 Concrete Cat

With an emphasis on the colour, pattern and form of concrete, Concrete Cat is an online atelier that produces a range of items ranging from sculpture to furniture and architectural elements. Concrete Cat redefine concrete as a material that can be used to create luxurious and artistic pieces. A must visit site for those wanting to add an industrial elegance to their living space.

Follow the @concretematt on Twitter

49 Concrete Everything

Concrete Everything was created by a designer with a vision to explore the use of concrete in design. The site became a retail business and soon a workshop offshoot developed, showing where concrete design and decor is at the moment and also where it is going. Concrete Everything is taking concrete art into the community and inspiring others to use concrete in their homes.

Like them @ConcreteEverything on Facebook

50 Blood and Champagne

Blood and Champagne is a site bursting full of professional images of how concrete has been used in design projects around the world. With images showing how cool and industrial concrete can look in the home, the site is ideal if you are in need of design inspiration, or if you want to see what is happening in the design world at present.

Like them @therealbloodandchampagne on Facebook

51 Turbulences Deco

Turbulences Deco is a French site packed full of design inspiration, tips and ideas, and is ideal for those that are passionate about design and interior decor. With posts on topics as diverse as illustration and chair design, there really is something for everyone. Turbulences Deco is updated daily, so you can be sure that you are keeping up to date with what is happening in the French world of design.

Follow them @TurbulencesDeco on Twitter

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