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Welcome to the home of concrete design!

Concrete is no longer simply a grey dull-but-useful building material. Today it’s a highly flexible design component that’s bringing a sophisticated, contemporary look to both interior and exterior spaces.

We work with leading architects and designers who fully understand and appreciate concrete’s potential. Our products are ideal for retail and office environments as well as hospitality spaces such as hotels, bars and restaurants. Savvy home-owners and their interior designers are catching on to concrete’s possibilities and good looks, too, incorporating stylish and functional concrete walls, floors, sinks, worktops, lighting and furniture.

A wide range of colours and finishes are now available, although our subtle shades of grey remain very popular. Whether a raw natural look or a highly polished surface is called for, concrete lends itself to any situation, indoors or out.

Everything we make at LIVING CONCRETE is individually produced and hand-finished.  Each piece of our lighting is hand-cast and our high-plasticity glass fibre reinforced concrete (GRC) can be cast, moulded or sprayed into almost any shape you can imagine. The tech spec is impressive too and full data sheets come with every product.  As a material with low environmental impact, concrete really is a future-proof choice.

Take a look at our products and projects and see just what’s possible with modern concrete design and technology! Or bring us your design and we’ll help you realise your vision quickly, efficiently, and within budget.