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Romo Showroom – Chelsea Harbour Design Centre

Project: Design and manufacture of 2 reception desks and browser in GRC cast and sprayed concrete with Brass finishes for London flagship Showroom of prestigious client ROMO GROUP.

Client: Pentagon Group / ROMO Group

Location: Chelsea Harbour Design Centre

Materials used: Hand cast and sprayed GRFC concrete in Silk Mist finished with  brass detailing.

Timescales: 10 weeks

Challenges: Short timescales. Large format single cast GRC concrete elements, demanded immaculate finish for high profile client.

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For Romo’s flagship store in London’s Chelsea Design Centre, the Living Concrete team  were faced with the challenge of converting complicated geometrical designs into two precast reception desks and a browser.

We used our unique eco concrete mix technology which contains a hydrophobic agent to limit moisture absorption. The single casts were made offsite, with each being over four meters long. They were treated and sealed to make them stain proof.

All elements were assembled on site, with the further challenge of getting these large pieces into the second floor premises!

The results speak for themselves in this stunning and stylish textile showroom where these unusual desks and browser take centre stage.

Romo Showroom - Chelsea Harbour Design Centre

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